Issuer Services. Simplified.

We are a team of specialized Issuer Service agents - dedicated to solving your needs.


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Billion EUR in total

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Issuer Services is our expertise. Our dedicated team helps you solve all issuer related challenges.

We will assist you from A to Z - registering your company in Euronext VPS* or Aksjeservice. Both the company and its owners will obtain benefits and a significantly simpler everyday life.

  • Initial registration - guided all the way.
  • Daily administration and updating the security register.
  • Assistance with general assembly and corporate actions.
  • Tax-reporting services and investor relations assistance.

Our Issuer Services team is dedicated to support and enhance the corporate strategies of leading global companies, financial institutions and capital market investors. Our vast network, local knowledge and client-focused services enable us to provide tailored corporate service and solutions. * Our services for Euronext VPS is expected to be available from October 2021.

Face of the client who made the testimonial

Anders Viken Tøftemo

CEO - Nordic VPS Group

Verdipapirservice fulfills Nordic VPS Group's vision of being a full-service provider within the equity and issuer services segment. Our team is industry-leading and experienced.

Face of the client who made the testimonial

Lars Christian Berger

CEO - Baltic Sea Properties

Verdipapirservice has assisted us with equity and investor management through many years of precision and expertise. Their level of service is truly impressive!

Face of the client who made the testimonial

Kristian Nordtømme

Managing Partner - Arctic Business Management

Verdipapirservice handles the issuer services for all our unlisted projects. They are knowledgeable and offer a unique level of service.

Face of the client who made the testimonial

Axel Bendvold

Head of Real Estate - Fearnley Securities

With more than 100 companies in our portfolio, a proffesional Issuer services provider. Verdipapirservice has provided us with great service since we became customers.

Face of the client who made the testimonial

Adil Osmani

CEO - Rubrikk Group AS

Shareholder management and tax reporting used to be very time-consuming. Verdipapirservice now handles these aspects for us - Allowing us to focus on our core business.


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Espen Carlsen - Head of Issuer Services

Espen Carlsen

Head of Issuer Services
Hans Christian Sterri - Issuer Services

Hans Christian Sterri

Issuer Services
Dag Ringdal - CFO

Dag Ringdal